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Techno dominated and system centric countries like America and Europe offer the best lifestyle in the world in any discipline. When an Indian Student thinks of the US visa there are butterflies in stomach. There is a perception that students can’t get visa easily to go to the United States.

Every decision to approve a visa is viewed through the prism of national security and financial constraints in the case. It is therefore important to have proper understanding of the visa procedures to all countries to make one’s attempt to the desired visa successful.

Our aim with regard to visa counseling is to provide full information specifically preparing the applicants for students visa pointing out on how the applicant and sponsor should prepare themselves and be: “FIRST TIME RIGHT” to avoid rejection.

Our Services For Visa Counseling include:

  • Understanding the pros and cons of each case before proffering advice.
  • Interaction with parents / sponsor for financial planning
  • Meticulous planning and documentation ensuring minimal rejections with real time setting of mock interviews
  • Assistance in preparing all the financial and academic documentation.
  • Minimal number of rejections
  • Submitting of the applications
  • Assistance in preparing all the financial and academic documentation.
  • Mock visa Interviews - Pre Departure Orientation which will include assistance in Health forms, insurance, air ticketing etc.
  • Special emphasis on psychological preparation for the visa.

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