Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Story 1

This one was long due but a must! Amidst the last moment rush and several farewells, I kept this reserved for the time when I can gather my thoughts and say a big thank you to Maven.

Ever since I thought of pursuing my masters, I have had Amit Sir and Maven Consulting team as pillars of support. My college senior advised me to enroll for Maven and I am grateful for that. In my first meeting with Amit Sir, I knew I was going to be in good hands and was impressed by his knowledge about all universities and courses. The admission checklist provided by him helped me keep track of all my documents and ensure that I wasn't missing out on anything important. (The masters journey requires a LOT of documentation) I followed his advice from day one and after writing GRE/TOEFL, he gave me sound suggestions on choosing the right universities and courses after having a holistic view of my profile. One striking factor about how Maven works is that Amit Sir invests his time and effort into gathering detailed information about you and treats your master's dream as his own. He is VERY passionate about helping students secure admissions into best of universities. Everything is done in a step-by-step manner and that helps a student gain sufficient time at hand for every application. Amit Sir has a very powerful vocabulary and I had his help in channelizing my thoughts on paper. It was with his help that I got 6 admits for 7 applications.

Thanks to his amazing work, he is always kept busy by students who reach out to him for numerous queries. Even in the busiest of hours, he ensures that no student is facing difficulty through the process. Once the applications are done with, he holds a visa workshop for the student and parents. That workshop was a complete boon for my parents who met Amit Sir for the first time. The wealth of information given out about admissions, financials and visa process answers each and every doubt and those 4 hours are very productive. My parents were definitely impressed and relieved after attending the workshop. I distinctively remember my father telling me, "After this workshop, I know exactly what to do. It was worth traveling for 2 days and coming to Bangalore."

The mock interviews were of major help and helped me stay calm for the final one. Amit Sir makes an extra effort of revising all financials before hand and keeps the students updated with latest know-hows of an interview process. It will be injustice to Maven to simply call it a Consulting service because they never treat a student as just a client. The team does their best for you and the experience is memorable! I would like to thank Amit Sir as I start my journey in the States and recommend Maven to everyone who plans for higher studies. Absolutely worth it!

Gurneet Kaur
Indiana University, Bloomington
Fall 2016

Success Story 2

Before i started my application process i did a lot of enquiring and i went and visited many consulting services and i visited maven consulting services and that was it. I had no second thought. I got enrolled and my admission process was as easy as A B C... Amit Tubachi sir, thank you so much for all your help and support. No doubt that he is amazing at what he does, all you have to do it talk to him once and you will know what i am talking about. Apart from being one of the best in his industry, what makes him stand out is that he is a good human being.

I have 5 out of 6 admits, need i say more ? From helping me understand courses, shortlisting universities to sop, lor and the entire process till my visa, he has helped me completely. He is always available on phone and email. So trust him, he knows what he is doing. I strongly recommend maven consulting services.

Chaitra R Gowda
Califronia State University, Fullerton
Fall 2016

Success Story 3

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin that stresses the importance of planning and how it determines whether you succeed or fail. Mr. Amit Tubachi is one person who takes this very seriously. As an education consultant for higher education abroad, he has literally streamlined and designed the entire workflow starting from the very beginning where you book your dates for the GRE/TOEFL to the point when you are departing for your study abroad. As a student, you just need to stick to the plan and leave the rest to him. The level of professionalism is praiseworthy. His extensive knowledge and experience in this aspect can be understood when you come to him with the most complex doubts/questions and he amazes you with the simplest of solutions. Sometimes it may be difficult to believe that the solution can be as simple as that but you just need to have faith and the results will be in your favour. He is available throughout the year over phone, email and in person to address your queries which is crucial to ensure that your applications are done on time. I have strongly felt that sticking to his plan has helped me get the best out of myself. With his guidance, I am heading to the University of Colorado, Boulder to pursue a master’s degree in Embedded Systems

Subhradeep Dutta
Univ Of Colorado Boulder
MS in Embedded Systems - Fall 2016

Success Story 4

For my university selection, GRE and TOEFL, visa and travel preparation, Maven has guided and helped me in each step with patience and perfection. I never thought I would finish the entire process within just a few months when my friends took a year. Worrying about missing out on any information or being misguided was far away from my mind as I could completely trust Maven. Rajshekar is well versed and very knowledgeable along with hard working and dedicated. That's not even the best part. It is that he is genuine and concerned about the person and I'm sure everyone who has met him and been in this process with him will agree.

I would also like to mention the people in Maven like Sagar and Manju who are very supportive and understand and appreciate the whole process enough to make sure you won't make any mistake. Apart from getting into a great university for the subject I wanted, I must say, the journey was amazing and for that, I have Maven to thank. The presentations, the pep talks, the pre visa mocks, the detailed lists and forms, the punctuality are just a few things that make Maven different from the rest of the consulting services. The main thing that makes a difference is the belief and faith that Rajshekar puts into every one of his students (I can safely say this as he been nothing less than a Guru to me).

I am not the kind who prefers consulting services and in fact I believed the opposite. I wanted to do everything by myself. To those who want to do that, that's great, but to those who want to experience a magical journey I'd say enroll in Maven consulting services.

Madhuri Kashyap
University of Texas, Dallas
Fall 2016

Success Story 5

I'm heading to Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago for Masters in Computers fall 2016, I would like to thank entire Maven team for making my entire admission process so simple, starting from drafting SOP and LOR till the VISA process. One of my friend suggested me to join Maven and I'm extremely thankful to that person as well. There are many consulting services which work for sake of money but this is not the case with Maven. Special Thanks to Amit Tubachi and Rajshekar sir for guiding and answering for all my queries. I once again would like to thank each and everyone of Maven team who showed the support from start till the end.

Naveen Desai
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
Fall 2016

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