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Globalization and Internet revolution has shrunk the world into a global village. Like any other change, this change is lead from the front by the education sector. For students of the new millennium, suitable career option is more important than the geographical proximity. This need has created a generation of students who are looking at the world as one identity to search for their career aspiration.

The mission of Maven Consulting Services is to effectively guide career aspirations of students of the new millennium. To achieve this objective, Maven has highly qualified and committed career counselors through a network of globally spread consulting infrastructure. The quality of analysis and efficiency of delivery of services will ensure long-term benefit and more importantly, achieve the position of a “Catalyst to Globalization.”

University Partnership

We represent the following universities in Australia:

  • Queensland University of Technology (CRICOS Code 00213J)
  • Griffith University (CRICOS Code 00233E)
  • University of South Australia (CRICOS Code 00121B)
  • Swinburne University of Technology (CRICOS Code 00111D)
  • James Cook University, Brisbane (CRICOS Code 00117J)
  • University of Tasmania (CRICOS Code 00586B)
  • University of Canberra (CRICOS Code 00212K)
  • University of Western Sydney (CRICOS Code 00917K)
  • Edith Cowan University (CRICOS Code 00279B)
  • Federation University (CRICOS Code VIC 00103D)
  • Central Queensland University (CRICOS Code - 00219C)
  • Southern Cross University Sydney Educo Global (CRICOS Code NSW 01241G)
  • Latrobe University Sydney Campus (CRICOS Code NSW 02218K)
  • Curtin University Sydney Campus (CRICOS Code NSW 02637B)
  • Macquarie University City Campus (CRICOS Code 00002J)
  • Charles Darwin University, Melbourne (CRICOS Code 00300K (VIC)
  • University of Southern Queensland Education Centre (Sydney) (NSW) 02225M
  • Charles Sturt University Study Centre (Sydney & Melbourne)(00005F (NSW), 01947G (VIC) and 02960B (ACT)
  • Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga Campus (00005F (NSW)
  • University of Sunshine Coast, Australia (01595D)
  • Education Centre Australia – Victoria University Sydney Campus (CRICOS Code 02475D)


  • Education and Training International, Western Australia CRICOS Code (00020G/01723A)
  • TAFE South Australia CRICOS Code (00092 B)

Private Providers

  • Martin College (CRICOS Code VIC 03079G, NSW 01682E, QLD 01755D)
  • Taylor College (CRICOS Provider Codes: 01963G (WA), 01682E (NSW) 01160J (VIC)
  • Flinders International Study Centre (CRICOS Code: 01682E)
  • Cambridge International College (CRICOS Code 01718J)
  • Melbourne Institute of Technology (CRICOS Code 01545C VIC, 02814A NSW, 03245K NSW)
  • SAE Institute Australia (CRICOS Code 003121)
  • Bradford College (CRICOS Code 00123M, 02426B)
  • Murdoch Institute of Technology (CRICOS: 03127E)
  • International Institute of Business & Information Technology (IIBIT) (CRICOS Code 01917B & 00103D)
  • The Cantillon Institute (CRICOS Code: 03022C)
  • Ozford Education Group (CRICOS Code: 02573B, 02501G, 02427A)
  • Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC CRICOS Code: 03013D)
  • Australian Learning Training & Education Centre (ALTEC) (CRICOS Code:02926D)
  • Australian College of Technology & Business (CRICOS Code: 03164M)
  • Queensland International Business Academy (CRICOS Code: 01515J)
  • Education Centre Australia - Zenith Business Academy (CRICOS Code: 02997M)
  • Education Centre Australia - Asia Pacific International College (CRICOS Code: 03048D)
  • Education Centre Australia – English Language School in Sydney (CRICOS Code: 02644C)
  • Navitas Partner Institutions

    • PIBT (CRICOS Code 01312J)
    • MIBT (CRICOS Code 01590J)
    • LTM ( CRICOS Code 03312D)
    • Australian Campus Network (CRICOS Code 02218K(NSW))
    • Curtin College (CRICOS Code NSW 03200A
    • Eynesbury College (CRICOS Code: 00561M)
    • QIBT (CRICOS Code: 01737F)
    • NIC (CRICOS Code : 03293B)
    • SAIBT (CRICOS Code: 02193C)
    • SIBT (01576G)


University Admissions Consultancy
We understand the Why’s of the procedures as well as the How’s and in turn ensure best admission to the best possible universities with optimum chances of financial aids. It is highly personalized counseling with limited number of cases handled every term.

Visa Consultancy
Techno dominated and system centric America offers the best lifestyle in the world in any discipline. When an Indian Student thinks of the US visa there are butterflies in stomach. There is a perception that students can’t get visa easily to go to the United States and many other countries.

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