Country Comparison

Country Requirements Advantages Disadvantages
  • Recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose/Essays
  • Resume
  • The Industrial center of the world Hence Universities closely associated with research
  • Irrespective of cost on Brochure, an average student going to US spends a maximum of 5-16 lacs for MS and 22-30 lacs for Bachelors or MBA
  • Gives you the best possible career head start
  • You are allowed to stay back for one year after the completion of your degree
  • The highest number of students apply to USA, hence competition for VISA is stiff.
  • Complex procedure
  • Same as above except GRE/ not compulsory but is required by some of the top colleges
  • IELTS and TOEFL acceptable
  • Almost similar all respects to USA
  • Less Industry hence exposure limited
  • Takes relatively more time to get an RA or TA as compared to US universities
  • Right from admission through to VISA the bureaucracy rivals that of INDIA
  • Same as above GRE/ GMAT/SAT not compulsory
  • IELTS preferable but TOEFL acceptable
  • You are eligible for a Permanent residence status after a two years Masters degree
  • Simple procedure
  • Nice Country
  • These countries and universities are interested in the money you bring in more than the type of student you are, so financial documentation are the most important part of the application.
  • More importantly they know that they get students who could not make it to US or wanted to avoid the cumbersome procedure of applying to US.
  • GATE/ GRE acceptable
  • German proficiency test preferable
  • Best for Mechanical, Civil and Electrical engineering students
  • No tuition fees
  • Living costs are pretty high so compensates for “ Tuition fees”
  • Getting an on or off campus job is tough without proficiency in German
  • You are allowed to stay back for only two months after the completion of your degree to apply for a work permit, the criterions for which are extremely tough
  • GRE not required
  • IELTS preferable, TOEFL acceptable
  • Few really good colleges like, OXFORD, Cambridge, London Business School.
  • Expensive, future prospects highly limited, many university agents offering short cut degrees, which universities see as a way to make a quick buck and cashing in on the Indian approach towards anything foreign.


University Admissions Consultancy
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Visa Consultancy
Techno dominated and system centric America offers the best lifestyle in the world in any discipline. When an Indian Student thinks of the US visa there are butterflies in stomach. There is a perception that students can’t get visa easily to go to the United States and many other countries.

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