Admissions Consulting

We look at the bigger picture - Consulting for University Admissions

We understand the Why’s of the procedures as well as the How’s and in turn ensure best admission to the best possible universities with optimum chances of financial aids. It is highly personalized counseling with limited number of cases handled every term. We look beyond short term gains like guaranteed admissions. Our experience till date has made us understand the system or the process so well that we do not have to resort gimmickry. We are more interested in maintaining a long term relation with the student. We are confident that our student will realize value of the advice we give them. Our advice given can be taken at face value as all our cost projections stand verifiable.

Our services for University Admissions include the following:

  • Evaluation of profile to understand the credentials of the applicant
  • Providing the checklists and formats of all the documents that would be required as a part of the application documentation
  • Short listing of Universities with remarks and feedbacks of the Universities shortlisted. Short listing is also done on the basis of financial aid opportunities, job opportunities, research interest and feedbacks from alumni.
  • Helping you with the formats of all the financial documents that would be required from your sponsors.
  • Drafting the Letter of Recommendations, Statement of Purpose and Essays for Scholarships and aids which form the crucial aspect of your applications.
  • Applying to the Universities, which include the filling of the online application form.
  • Post Application Correspondence which includes follow up with the Universities for the status of the applications.
  • Prof Letting with the professors to start interactions with your future professors for better chances of Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships.
  • Assistance in preparations of relevant academic and financial documents.
  • Assistance in completing the financial aid applications
  • Thorough counseling for assistantship and other financial aid.
  • Special guidance for maximizing the aid opportunities.

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