Global Education in an International Setting is a marketable commodity. Your long term career prospects can be enhanced by and experience that develops self confidence, independence and cross cultural skills – attributes in demand by employees worldwide.

Over 10 years of expertise in selection of Universities Admission assistance & Visa consultancy.

We look at the bigger picture and have helped more than 4800 students realize their dream of studing abroad. Study at the university of your choice in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Singapore, Dubai, Italy, Spain and more!

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We know your dreams
We know your challenges
We know your aspirations
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University Partner

We are the official representatives of 500+ International universities in India


University Admissions Consultancy
We understand the Why’s of the procedures as well as the How’s and in turn ensure best admission to the best possible universities with optimum chances of financial aids. It is highly personalized counseling with limited number of cases handled every term.

Visa Consultancy
Techno dominated and system centric America offers the best lifestyle in the world in any discipline. When an Indian Student thinks of the US visa there are butterflies in stomach. There is a perception that students can’t get visa easily to go to the United States and many other countries.

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